News From The Outer Rim: Asian Edition

An Outer Rim Special Edition on the asian game
Shanghai weekly + typical sentiment cycle is remarkable. The typical bull/bear sentiment cycle is a sobering sight when plotted on The Shanghai index

Shanghai weekly, long term stuff
Moves like these usually exhaust themselves, pull back and have another go at the highs, thats when momentum should be watched to time the trade. Topping is a process so theres still time for asian indeces to ramp up. Weekly however is showing signs of pulling back for a breather

Shanghai weekly, short term
Need to see a meaningful pullback and a renewed rally, with weaker momentum to set up a short opportunity, as long as its straight up theres no short spot.

Shanghai Daily
No sell setup yet, need to pull back a bit and go again at the highs


Follow up on Oil call & state of Vix

Oil bounced nicely and is now weakening momentum, weekly is at a sweet spot for a short. Bottoming and topping is a process. Oil is likely to pull back from here or at least churn sideways to burn off the overbought condition. Are all the high rollers onboard already? Volume sais they are not buying it here, but did buy below 50

Vix weekly and daily are in sync and are coiling for an up move, weekly is well positioned, daily needs a bit more down but its getting there

A Vix momentum pattern to watch on the Daily