Spx weekly has a good looking Anti setup. I think we will get some more flushout before a more sustained up move. Id say im bullish but wary this time. Vix and eur should be watched as usual.




I know the word “hope” has no place in the vocabulary of a trader, so i will not use it anymore. I do know however that that word is inverse correlation with the market- the less “hope” out there the bigger the potential reversal gains. Spx weekly sure looks grim, still i think any further downside will be stopped by the trendline from march 2009 bottom. Momentum stuff suggest (on the 90min. 2h chart)  some upward wiggle here before the flushout and the dip that i think will be bought and that will carry us into 2012 in higher levels than we are occupuying currently.



Spx parked with precision. I have not taken sides yet.


Euro momentum is turning up, id like to see it go for 1.33 on positive divergence on 3/10


I would like to have seen a more spirited spike on Vix, that is why i have not taken sides yet.


XLF does not look that good, unless the whole eod was a fakeout




If i were to judge solely by Vix then id say the triangle in Spx is going to break downwards. If that were to happen id still expect a strong rally towards december

Raschke two

Looks like there is another ANTI setup here which indicates further downside in spx. I have no positions as of today and just waiting for a setup, did not want to rush into it today.

The ANTI case here:
– The longer term trendline (%D) is pointing down in spx and up in vix
– The shorter term trendline is at the sweet spot where it would ideally bounce back away from the %D


And heres the triangle on Es