Spx Softening Up, Vix Coiling, Vix/Vxv Ratio

Big picture:
Indeces starting to soften up, momentum weakening but we need a pullback and a rally to get a clearer momentum picture. Vix is coiling for a move, Vix/Vxv ratio interesting.

Spx Daily
Momentum starting to soften up, likelyhood of a pullback is high, the dip (if it comes) should be buyable though since underlying tend is about to turn up, but narrowly so

Dax Daily
Pullback setup in place, far from ideal though. Measured move has also run its course.

Vix Daily
No ideal momentum setup yet, but might be forming if Es stalls here, should be clear in a few sessions

Vix/Vxv Daily
Extreme low readings have been singaling at least a short term revival in Vix


Spx analog update

2014 analog seems to be playing out, in which case we are looking at new all time highs soon before we get any meaningful swing down

And corresponding Vix

Es Vix Update

Weekly momentum setup played out and we got a swing up. Now, daily starting to look weaker, theres a momentum sell signal about to be in place, might need a day or two to set up properly, theres a corresponding buy long setup in Vix forming aswell. Usually we should see at the very least a soft patch when daily momentum sell signal is in place. Underlying trend in Es is still down, but not by much anymore.

There is the possibility that Es is in a similar spot as it was in 2011