Spx, Vix, Dax, Oil, Gold Swing Setup Update

Setting up for a weekly sell signal, needs a few more weeks of price action to form properly

Setting up for a swing long on weekly scale, needs a few more weeks of price to form

Vix Term Structure
Momentum same as Vix proper,setting up for a spike. Readings below 80 have usually been a precursor to a more significant Vix spike

Setting up for a swing short, needs a few more weeks to set up

Weekly setting up for a swing long, needs a week or two to set up properly

More downside ahead, but it is showing signs of a weekly scale swing bottom coming up within a month


Oil Swing Long

Oil has a perfect daily swing long signal, weekly and daily are in sync. Weekly bottom is not in yet

Oil and Es Swing Bottoms

Es is setting up for a swing bottom

Dax is also looking good. Weekly momentum suggests upside not done yet

Vix needs a zigzag to set up properly

Oil weekly looks good, Daily needs more zigzaging to set up properly. Underlying trend is still down so im looking for a bounce on a daily scale. Weekly swing low setup would need a specific kind of price action and weekly bars