gold and silver

Left is silver from earlier this year and right is gold



I have some faith in the contrarian method and when noticing that the local newspaper that hardly ever covers the market had a full black front page with spx charted on it i was pretty sure it was going to be an up day. I think however that we will now start to digest the big move and have some wild swings ahead before next major direction is decided.



AA Monday

Im about as dumb as they come and have not done well in the past few weeks, i got complacent and we all know what the price for that is. I have been thinking over the weekend about the Retail vs. SmartMoney thing, i was just wondering when does the day come when “Retail” will no longer mean Buy&Holders but isntead anyone who uses basic Ta.
If we ge a retest of the lows today on a lower volume, then i think a bounce is in the works, perhaps up to the neckline and 200dma (but thats what the “Retail” targets so…).

So, heres a Retails (thats me) view of things: