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Ten Things I Learned While Trading for Victor Niederhoffer, By James Altucher


2014 Stock Market Cycle, Revisited

The yearly cycles purpose is to give time ranges for the largest of swings during a year, not the ephemeral daily fluctuations. Here is a recap of what was laid out in Jan 8, these are turn date ranges, not a prediction which way market is going into these dates. However If market goes up into a major date range, a reversal is to be expected, reverse for swing lows.

Its too early to say, but it looks like we are heading into a swing bottom in Mid June. However it can change, depending on which way we actually head into the Mid June range. 

2014 Spx Yearly Cycle Turn Date Ranges
Late Jan, Early Feb // Market – Feb5 swing low
Mid March // Market – Mar7 swing high
Early Apr // Market – Apr4 swing high (so far)
Mid June
Late June
Early Aug
Mid Sep
Early Oct
Late Oct
Late Nov
Early/Mid Dec

Updated Cycle Vs. Spx chart
2014 Stock Market Cycle

Heres the old Jan 8 post:

From "Practical Speculator"

Life, like markets, offers the greatest reward to those willing to assume risk. Assuming risk brings uncertainty, anxiety and occasional loss, but it also brings out the best in us.

From Practical Speculator, by Victor Niederhoffer

Es and Vix Ts update

Es is setting up for a bounce

Vix Ts does not yet have a momentum sell setup, it was briefly above 1 though so we might see it retrace if Es bounces, ideally it will take another stab at 1 with a proper sell Vix setup to form.