Gold & Crude Update

Gold swing bottom setup almost complete, might need a bit more downside on the daily to properly form. The underlying trend is still down, so from a swing perspective, only calling for a countertrend squeeze/rally

Crude momentum as well forming a swing long, Daily needs a bit more downside. Again, i am calling for a countertrend rally swing only, the underlying trend is still clearly down


Volatility Update Vxx Xiv Vix

Vix is forming a buy setup, its also well visible on Vxx and Xiv charts. Might need a day or two to properly set up.

Shanghai Update 8Jul

Looking good for a swing low, weekly is about in place, Daily still needs some price action to form a buy setup. I do not think the bull market is over, on the contrary, media sentiment about china entering a bear market is a bullish sign.

The old bubble cycle holds up so far, will keep it updated as it goes along


Vxx/Xiv have clear Daily swing signals in place, shoter term momentum sais we would ideally see a brief drop in Es later today/early tomorrow, that would complete the setup.